4 Immunity-Boosting Restorative Yoga Poses

We all know that yoga reduces stress and supports our mental health. However, the internal heat the practice cultivates, along with mobility-enhancing poses also stimulates our digestive system and oxygenates our blood, bringing healthy circulation to the muscles. This reduces inflammation and degeneration while boosting our immunity on the back end.

Restorative yoga is an incredible practice to build immunity as well because it features meditative postures that are extremely approachable for different bodies. It helps boost our immune systems because of its ability to calm the nervous system, which supports the body in flushing out toxins in the tissues.

Try these 4 immune-boosting restorative yoga poses below when chillaxing’ at home or in the office! 

1. Pranayama – “Prana” means life force and “yama” means control. Life force is also translated as breath in yoga, and breath control or breathing is the first way to boost immunity. Intentional breathing not only helps us self soothe, it also tempers the nervous system, helping the muscles to relax. Contracted muscles can create an acidic environment in the body. Once they’re relaxed, the body is less likely to attract infection. Check out this Quiet Time Breath Meditation in our Everyday Strength and Restore Yoga Journey

2. Supported Matsyasana – Also known as “fish pose,” matsyasana is a deep heart opener. Heart openers are rad because they increase our lung capacity and relieve congestion. This helps us take in more breath. The more breath we intake (hints pose #1), the more our muscles relax, creating a prosperous environment in the body. Give our Full Body Restore class a try to practice various heart openers like matsyasana.

3. Viparita Karani – “Legs up the wall” is my favorite restorative yoga pose ya’ll! This inversion improves blood flow and nerve connection by flushing stagnated blood collected in the legs and feet. If you have tight or swollen knees or ankles, this is a must! To practice, bring your booty to a wall and draw your legs up (heels over hips) so you’re lying down on your back with your feet up to the heavens. Stay here as long as you like.

4. Uttanasana – Forward fold is another pose that relieves nasal congestion. It also decompresses the spine and stimulates our digestion. Just stand up and fold forward at your hips. If you have tight hamstrings, bring your hands to a block or a book to bring the earth to you, and remember to keep a soft bend in the knees ya’ll! Hang out here for a few rounds of breath.