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While the training certainly honed in on the physical yoga practice, we were able to have critical and reflective conversations across yoga philosophy and our lived experiences. Those conversations affirmed my reason for why I practice yoga in the first place.

Taylor Thomas (she/her/hers)

Education Research Associate

This training gave me a proper and detailed introduction to yoga philosophy, yoga practice, yoga history, human anatomy and trauma informed teaching techniques…I have witnessed beautiful changes in my relationships with others, how I create as an artist, how I love as a mother and in my ability to also receive life’s joy. This was worth every single ounce of me!

Thea Stewart

Public School Educator

I’ve been practicing yoga for about 8 years and wanted to deepen my personal practice but wasn’t sure where to start. I also believed that someone like me with a larger body couldn’t be a yoga teacher as I didn’t fit the idea of a normal teacher. This program empowered me and brought me home to myself. I was taught so much about not only the practice of yoga, but the principles and foundations of yoga. I feel confident in my skills as a teacher and that I can teach any BODY.

Amber Wright

DEI Professional

When I found iyaKIN ytt, I applied because of the group of teachers listed, who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in multiple disciplines, all supported by an alliance that stands for something… I relearned anatomy I didn’t realize I forgot, and that coming to the mat in any form is the first step to cultivating an environment of self acceptance. As a white-bodied person, I was able to be honest about topics I had been ignorant to before my iyaKIN journey. My honesty was met with acceptance, education, respect, encouragement and guidance.

Caitlynn A. Crouch

Assistant Rowing Coach at Southern Methodist University

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