Everyday Strength & Restore Yoga Journey



Everyday Strength & Restore Yoga Journey Includes

8 Videos
2 Hours, 09 Minutes of Video
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Everyday Strength & Restore Yoga Journey

Adaptable, yet energizing flows are partnered with uplifting meditations for a chill balance of Yin and Yang within this 8-part Yoga Journey. Short and sweet class variations make it easy to commit to your practice, and give you the opportunity to choose to strengthen or settle your body each day.


Practice 1 - Hip & Hamstring Release

This slow-paced practice utilizes repetition to help your body evolve in every pose, while graciously improving the flexibility in your hips and hamstrings. This flow will easily become a favorite!

Practice 2 - Receptivity Meditation

For days when we're feeling resistant and avoidant, this short meditation will remind us how to lift our judgements to flow in receptive, divine feminine energy.

Practice 3 - Core Awakening Vinyasa Yoga

Ya'll, we're building heat in this core-focused practice to stimulate our 3rd chakra located in the belly, where our personal power and confidence are stored! Expect variations in traditional poses like side plank and side angle that uncover new territories of strength within your body.

Practice 4 - Speak Your Truth Meditation

In this intimate, guided meditation we'll begin to give ourselves permission to identify with our truth to activate our ability to speak it.

Practice 5 - Throat & Heart Opening Yoga

Rolling aums, humming and diaphragmatic breathing comprise this low-to-the-ground flow, teaching you how to center your focus on stimulating the throat and heart chakras in the midst of other distracting sensations happening throughout the body.

Practice 6 - Free Flow Yoga

This practice offers space for you to explore free flow movements outside of the instructors cues to build autonomy in your practice. Expect repetitive asanas that migrate through the hips and heart to give you permission to take up space.

Practice 7 - Quiet Time Breath Meditation

Surrendering to our emotions isn't always easy, especially when we've been taught to avoid them. In this breath meditation we'll begin to unlearn those teachings, and explore our emotional body beyond attachment.

Practice 8 - Heart Opening Yoga For Vulnerability & Ease

You are going to love this juicy, yet gentle heart opening, designed to help us explore vulnerability on and off our mats. Low-to-the-ground poses help decompress the shoulders and upper back to invite the heart open, while building just enough heat to avoid breaking a sweat.