Ease & Approachability Yoga Journey



Ease & Approachability Yoga Journey Includes

8 Videos
2 Hours, 08 Minutes of Video
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Ease & Approachability Yoga Journey

Start your non-performative Yoga Journey here! Introductory poses and supportive props allow you to adapt to the practice as you flow, and offer the mental respite you’ve been looking for. Gentle holds and warming stretches guide you through the body to restore breath elasticity, spinal stability and hip mobility. 8 practice videos represent a full journey through your body. Create your ritual by returning to your favorite practices again and again.


Practice 1 - Restorative Yoga for Social Detox

Friends, let's be real, we all need a social detox in order to embody the benefits of a non-performative lifestyle. This practice helps you take the quiet time you need and improve your posture based on holding patterns from our devices.

Practice 2 - Gentle Yoga for Deep Rest

This non-performative yoga practice features a low-to-the-ground flow for adaptability. Long holds and restorative breathing lull the body into a state of rest, stretching the low back, decompressing the bowels and opening the hips.

Practice 3 - Restorative Heart Opening

Cool temperatures combined with social distancing have us all in our feels at times. This restorative practice features meditative stretches aimed at opening the chest and shoulder girdle to help us show up, off the mat, a bit more receptive to the world around us.

Practice 4 - Meditation for Contentment

Santosha means contentment, and is one of the guiding principles within the 8 Limbs of Yoga. Worthiness precedes contentment, and this guided meditation helps us explore our worth so we can feel settled in our bodies.

Practice 5 - Grounding Yoga for Stability

Build a sense of stability and trust within your body with this root chakra flow. We'll start with floor-based balance postures to activate the belly, and work our way to increasing flexibility in the hips.

Practice 6 - Restorative Yoga for Everyday Recovery

Start or end your day with this easeful recovery featuring restorative hip openers, gentle twists and hamstring stretches practiced on your back. It'll be chill vibes all around.

Practice 7 - Slow & Deep Moon Flow for Hips

This calming Moon Salutation flow is the ideal practice to return to yourself at the end of the day. Expect soothing poses that focus on lengthening the lower half of the body, while gently building heat.

Practice 8 - Breath Meditation for Deep Release

This breath-focused practice is here to help you increase your lung elasticity and cultivate a sense of stillness without trying to hard. Don't worry about perfection, instead just be.