The Benefits of At-Home Yoga

Many of us started our yoga practice in a studio setting, and are familiar with the high you get from community when you find the right space.

However, in recent times we’ve also begun practicing more at home, offering autonomy in our yoga practice that’s more valuable than ever. Below are the top 4 reasons to develop your at-home yoga practice.

  1. Self Knowledge: When practicing yoga at home we learn the skills to self regulate and self soothe. It’s like driving our own car versus being chauffeured. When we’re driving we develop greater skills because there’s a greater responsibility. In yoga, those skills are priceless.
  2. Self Indulgence: How many other activities let you do whatever you please? Practicing yoga at home is indulgent because we can take 2 to 90 minutes to do what we want, at the pace, tone and intensity we choose.
  3. Exponential Growth: Practicing yoga at home regularly allows the effects of each session to build upon each other. There’s less chance of those benefits wearing off before we get back on our mat due to the convenience, and instead the benefits compound because of our consistency.
  4. Variety: Our practice changes daily, and at-home yoga supports that. Whether we’re looking for an energizing Vinyasa class, low-to-the-ground yin flow or a meditation, at home and online yoga provide variety in the styles of yoga available to us.

Continue your at-home practice with iya via our online classes offering non-performative yoga. Click HERE to learn more.