New Practice Every Thursday

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Free Weekly Yoga Livestream

Hey fam! Every Thursday at 6pm PST I’ll be hosting a LIVE YOGA FLOW FOR REAL PEOPLE right here.

Real people being the folks the commercial yoga industry forgets to represent and serve. This is our practice and there won’t be anything performative about this space.

Instead, we’ll feature adaptable flows for different bodies that improve our joint and muscle health, activate our parasympathetic nervous system to reduce anxiety, and have conversations on how to navigate this thing we call life using yogic principles.

It’ll be chill vibes all around and hold space for us to commit to our weekly #nonperformativeyoga practice, together. No yoga experience required.

Each week will be a new practice, so if you have a request, slide into my DMs on IG (@yogabybiola). See ya’ll on the mat soon. 🧘🏿‍♀️