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Intuitive Sequencing for the Chakras Virtual 8-Week Program

Learn how to create intelligent yoga sequences themed to the chakras, systematically!

Next Cohort: July 2024
Meeting Days: Saturdays
Time: 8-10:30am pst | 11am-2:30pm est
Tuition: $1499

What to Expect

Intuitive Asana is what we exclusively teach within our Non-performative Yoga™ Teacher Training, iyaKIN.

Within it, we teach future teachers our Intuitive Sequencing Infrastructure and how to create adaptable pose variations based on 2 key points:

  1. what’s being strengthened or stabilized in a pose
  2. what’s being stretched or mobilized in a pose

In this 8-week program you’ll receive a glossary of chakra-activating poses and supportive pranayama practices for each of these energy centers. You’ll also learn each chakra from the Buddhist and Indian lineages, and its connection to the nervous system.

Lastly, you’ll walk away with iyaKIN’s Intuitive Sequencing Infrastructure to create intelligent yoga sequences systematically!

The Secret Teachings of Lady Niguma

Lady Niguma is the 1st known female practitioner of yoga and 1 of the most influential yoginis of the 10th century in India. She’s also known as 1 of the founders of the secret lineages of yoga associated with Vajrayana Buddhism.

Within this program, we’ll briefly explore the practices of Lady Niguma and her focus on manipulating the chakras to increase the flow of prana through the central channel. In addition, we’ll study exactly how this activates the chakras within the physical and subtle body.

The teachings of Lady Niguma are derived from traditional Tantric lineages that require more specific studies of Tantra yoga. With that being said, we recommend reading Sarah Hardings “Niguma, Lady of Illusion” to learn more.

Take the guessing out of creating intuitive and intelligently sequenced yoga classes themed to the subtle body so your students walk away with more!

Program Overview

Week 1:

  • Intuitive Asana practice
  • Intro to Intuitive Sequence Infrastructure 
  • Lady Niguma & the Chakra system 

Week 2

  • Intuitive Asana practice
  • Root Chakra system
  • Root Chakra pose & pranayama intergration
  • Lady Niguma Intergration

Week 3

  • Intuitive Asana practice
  • Sacral Chakra system
  • Sacral Chakra pose & pranayama intergration
  • Lady Niguma Intergration

Week 4

  • Intuitive Asana practice
  • Solar Plexus Chakra system
  • Solar Plexus Chakra pose & pranayama intergration
  • Lady Niguma Intergration

Week 5

  • Intuitive Asana practice
  • Heart Chakra system
  • Heart Chakra pose & pranayama intergration
  • Lady Niguma Intergration

Week 6

  • Intuitive Asana practice
  • Throat Chakra system
  • Throat Chakra pose & pranayama intergration
  • Lady Niguma Intergration

Week 7

  • Intuitive Asana practice
  • 3rd Eye Chakra system
  • 3rd Eye Chakra pose & pranayama intergration
  • Lady Niguma Intergration

Week 8

  • Intuitive Asana practice
  • Crown Chakra system
  • Crown Chakra pose & pranayama intergration
  • Lady Niguma Intergration

What You’ll Leave With

  • a vetted sequencing infrastructure to build intuitive and safe yoga classes systematically 

  • glossary of chakra-specific asana poses

  • supportive pranayama practices for each chakra

  • summary of each chakra from the Buddhist and Indian lineages and its correlation to the nervous system

Upon completion of this program you’ll be able to create Intuitive Asana sequences themed to the chakras systematically that will allow you to convey the benefits of yoga beyond just the poses.

How do I join?

Our 8-week online program begins June 10th, 2023 and runs till July 29th. We meet every Saturday, LIVE, from 8-10:30am pst.

To apply please fill out the survey below and we’ll be in touch to schedule a follow up interview with you!

Who’s this program for?

This program is for certified yoga instructors who want to create safe and anatomically-sound yoga sequences systematically, that are themed to the chakras.

If you are a yoga instructor seeking continued education in the area of asana sequencing and the energy body, this program is for you!

Who Am I?

Hayy, my name is Abiola!

I’m a certified Yoga Educator with over 8 years experience and founder of iya™.

I’ve created sought after online and in-person yoga programs, events and retreats such as Trap Flow (previously known as Trap Vinyasa) where we toured over 50+ yoga studios with our body positive, hip hop yoga practice. I hosted annual yoga retreats in Kauai, Hawaii, as well as our “Body Party” event series which focused on sexual wellness and had a guest list of over 100 people!

I designed the Divine Feminine Yoga Workshop which I then went on to teach as an Alo Moves coach, in addition to countless other programs. In addition to building wellness programs and initiatives for several institutions like the Institute of Functional Medicine, Stanford, Microsoft, Hulu, Nordstrom Corporate, Google, Strong Fitness Magazine, Boeing and more!

Needless to say, yoga is my life’s work, and I’ve designed several creative practices to intentionally invite folks onto their mats and into their bodies.

But why? Well, the practice found me over 10 years ago, and has continued to support my sobriety and the care of my subtle body.

Over the years I’ve seen western yoga miss the mark with its performative approach and emphasis on physical fitness through asana, offering an inaccurate tale about the practice of yoga. As a result, we’ve seen more instructors ill equipped to hold space for different bodies or share the practice beyond the poses.

This inspired me to create an online yoga school that prioritized emotional wellbeing to care for the subtle body while providing an approachable framework for self actualization.


What is non-performative yoga?

While performative or fitness-based yoga focuses on postures, non-performative yoga extends beyond just asana (poses), which lends itself to learning the other facets of the practice, including yoga philosophy, pranayama, meditation, chanting and more. Here, we also approach the practice from an inclusive lens so students never have to abandon their body to experience this practice. This style focuses on compassion, education beyond the poses, non-hierarchical language, adaptability, representation of different bodies, self inquiry, and enlightenment.

I’m new to yoga and have only practiced a few YouTube videos, should I take this training?

This teacher training is geared towards seasoned yoga students and wellness professionals with at least 1 year of consistent yoga experience beyond online practices.

If you have no to minimal experience and aren’t sure about applying, we encourage you to expand your practice via our online studio library, your local yoga community or with our facilitators to meet our requirements.

Can I take this training if I’m pregnant?

Although prenatal yoga is taught in this training, we also teach several other styles of yoga that are intensive and not recommended for individuals who are pregnant. 

We recommend keeping up with your personal practice and joining us in the future.

How do I become a yoga teacher?

Before you become a yoga teacher it’s important that you have a personal practice for at least a year to begin to experience the practice within your body while becoming acquainted with the different styles of yoga. It’s within your personal practice that your yoga journey begins. 

Our focus is non-performative yoga, which explores the facets of yoga beyond just the postures. This approach welcomes different bodies and lived experience. Once you’ve committed to a personal practice and chosen your path, you will be led to complete a Yoga Teacher Training program like the iyaKIN 200hr ytt to formally teach.

Are their payment plans available?

Yes, payment plans are offered once you are accepted into our program.

What can I do after my training?

After graduating from iyaKIN you can teach and facilitate yoga classes for your community in the style of your choosing.