How to Know if You Should Teach Yoga at a Studio or Independently


First things first, you can do both! 

That’s the first thing you’ll want to know about teaching in a studio versus teaching independently but which option best optimizes your time?

The best way to decide if you should teach yoga at a studio or as an independent teacher is to get clear on the level of management you want to retain or give away.

Yoga studios require minimal business management on the part of the instructor because they cover everything from studio rentals and marketing costs to promotions and operations. All you have to do as the instructor is show up ready to teach. In addition, teaching at a studio allows instructors to practice for free most of the time which offers invaluable continued education.


On the other hand, teaching independently allows you complete freedom when building your yoga business. You are also responsible for building out systems, similar to a studio, to ensure your business runs smoothly, including location rentals, marketing costs for acquiring new students, social media management and more. 

While teaching independently has its perks, it does require a considerable amount of time to not only learn but efficiently run your business as there will be plenty of trial and error. However, you can’t put a price on the freedom it provides! 

If you are a new instructor and currently working part or full time, consider beginning your teaching career at a studio to refine your skills and learn more about the business. Once you have more time and experience under your belt, perhaps look into teaching 1 or 2 classes independently to explore which you enjoy more.

I created a short YouTube video breaking down the difference between teaching in a studio versus teaching independently to help you choose the right path. Click below to watch!