How to Find the Yoga Teacher Training for Your Learning Style

Although self discipline is required to complete any yoga teacher training program, we must also understand the environment we thrive in when learning.

Different yoga teacher training formats will naturally be more or less conducive for different learning styles, and finding the right program will depend heavily on our awareness of this. 

There are two types of yoga teacher trainings, there are intensives and there are long-form programs. Either of these could be in-person or virtual but the main difference between the two is that an intensive runs 2-3 months while a long-form training can be 7+ months long. 

An intensive YTT (yoga teacher training) like iyaKIN might be better suited for immersive learners, while long-form YTT’s are ideal for those who enjoy learning over an extended period of time. 

If you are more susceptible to burnout and overwhelm a long-form, in-person YTT might be better suited. An intensive YTT, on the other hand, supports immersive learners who enjoy concentrated education over a short period of time.

Virtual YTT’s are conducive for self-starters who can remain engaged despite minimal stimuli versus in-person YTT’s that work best for students who need more interaction to remain engaged and attentive.

One format isn’t better than another, however understanding what works for you will help you find the YTT for your learning style!