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A Non-Performative Yoga Practice

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Holding space for folx to stop striving & start being

A Non-Performative Yoga Practice Includes

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A Non-Performative Yoga Practice

Many of us have been conditioned to strive to survive, and perform to show our worth. So much so that rest feels unsettling. This Yoga Journey features trauma-sensitive language that maximizes experiences of empowerment instead of perfection, so we can find comfort in being, instead of validation in doing. By re-mothering our bodies and releasing our inner critic we begin to receive who we are beyond what we do.

This 8-part practice features trauma-sensitive yoga and modifications that adapt the practice to your lived experiences. Gentle flows guide you through the body from crown to root to improve breath elasticity, joint stability and hip mobility while normalizing our bliss. We invite you to follow our sequence order, then create your ritual by returning to your favorite practices again and again.


Practice 1 - Gentle Start with Breathwork

Add ease to your body first thing in the morning with this gentle crown yoga flow featuring long holds and meditative postures to calm the mind for what’s ahead. Therapeutic breathwork expands the diaphragm to improve your breathing.

Practice 2 - Locating Your Center with Core Activation

Boost your mood with this fluid core yoga practice designed to build heat gradually and activate your personal power all at the same time.

Practice 3 - Finding Support with Standing Postures

Release your inner critic while exploring your strength with this grounding yoga practice. We’ll use the support of a wall to stabilize the joints and help us stand confidently on and off the mat.

Practice 4 - Warming Flow with Ahimsa

Bring kindness to your thoughts during those stressful days with this 3rd eye activating yoga flow designed to help you move through your body with more self compassion.

Practice 5 - Getting Into the Hips

You’ll walk through your day with ease after practicing this yoga flow that gently stretches the hamstrings and mobilizes the hips to reconnect you to your sensuality.

Practice 6 - Heart Opening with Awareness

This yoga practice features supportive at-home props to help us open the heart and learn the power of expressing how we feel. Deep chest stretches lengthen the diaphragm to improve breath elasticity.

Practice 7 - Lengthening the Spine to Create Space

Side body stretches and gentle backbends lengthen and stabilize the spine to improve movement and everyday functions while cultivating a sense of security in your body.

Practice 8 - Calm Power Flow for Ease

This final flow guides you through all the energy centers we’ve opened in the previous practices. Gentle twists, side bends and strength poses weave through the body with ease to cultivate calm every day of the week. Your journey doesn’t end here, return to your favorite practices again, and again.

13 Reviews for A Non-Performative Yoga Practice

“I am grateful for the Non-Performative Yoga Practice series. I had avoided yoga for almost 10 years for multiple reasons, namely the hyperfocus on competitive/fancy poses and appropriation of yoga by white women like myself. After dealing with chronic pain issues, I was fortunate to find Abiola's offerings online. I love Abiola's focus on practicing Ahimsa & "finding what is safe." Every early morning, I start my day with one of these practices and it has given me a beautiful foundation to start my day. I tend to gravitate most toward the backbends, heart opener, and calm power flows but each practice in the series offers something slightly different for your body/mind needs in that moment. I especially love the ending of "I've done my best, I leave the rest." I think about this phrase often. Thank you for a lovely series & I plan to continue to make it part of my daily routine.”

— Ryan E.

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“I appreciate the gentle invitation to be with your body as it is and centering the embodiment of authenticity. It is always refreshing to find affirming spaces that do not focus on objectification, performance, or productivity and Abiola holds the space compassionately. So much gratitude!”

— Camille P.

“I appreciate so many things about iya's non-performative yoga ! I just finished my second practice and I'm enjoying how I'm feeling right now -- powerful, confident, centered. I love how Abiola invites us to be open to who we are & where we are in real time, and to explore what that expression feels like in the body. As a melanin-enriched being, feeling at Home with myself and within my being is a high priority, and I'm finding that being encouraged with each practice. I'm grateful for this course and I'm looking forward to continuing this Self-exploration journey. ~Nyakuiy -- Writer, Author, Healer”

— Nyakuiy P.

“This is content is next level production! Your wisdom and healing movement is amplified by stunning audio and visuals. I'm eternally grateful for you sharing your gifts.”

— Janeé H.

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“Iya had me feeling like Iya the truth after practicing! Though this is a virtual yoga experience, I still felt like I was getting hands-on assistance because of great reminders such as being aware of facial tension, what sensation you may or may not notice in the body. I love that I can choose what I want to practice for the day, and I love how individualized you can make each practice t better work for yourself!”

— Malissa M.

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“I am very excited about this journey that I have embarked on with Abiola who has created a space that is safe and healing in many ways. As someone who lives through health challenges that have cause limitations in my spine and joints, I have found the flows and practice that Abiola presents to be gentle and powerful simultaneously. With her gentle, soothing voice she reminds us to 'give grace' and that this practice is non-performative so the space is safe to rise from right where you are. During the journey in the midst of practice you may experience realization of things that may bind you physically, emotionally and mentally. A you continue on the journey you may experience the release of those things that bind you. You may start to restore your spirit and your body along the pathway to healing. I am excited for the healing growth that is about to happen within and for me as well as all the lives that will be touched directly and by extension as we journey with Abiola. Blessings.”

— Kim F.

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“This series was everything I needed. I was provided with such a gentle invitation to truly honor what my body needed in every single pose. And I felt so supported in doing what I needed to do for MY body as I flowed along - I am so grateful for that support. Because of this invitation, I've taken a very clear lesson away from this yoga journey as a result: Give yourself grace. The practice, or my practice, is not about keeping up or showing face, it's about giving myself and my body the grace it fully deserves.”

— Taylor T.

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“Beautiful practices! I hold my body is stress mode a little too long sometimes and these were a great reminder to check in with my body more regularly and see what I need in the moment. These felt gentle and effective.”

— Natasha B.

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“I am so grateful for the Iya platform and practice. Abiola shares her beautiful gifts of yoga with us through an accessible, buildable, trauma-informed practice that encouraged me to listen to my body and go on my own adventure while simultaneously practicing ahimsa for myself and my body. l I thoroughly enjoyed this yoga journey!”

— Jasmine R.

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“I really appreciate the iya space. I had always been interested in yoga but was uncomfortable with the white dominated spaces where yoga is more of a trend than a tool. I enjoyed this class because I could fully be myself with or without physical limitations and still benefit from the breath work and hip opening. I have been dealing with loss and I hadn’t realized how much tension I had been carrying in my hips. This class was very helpful in allowing me to become aware of where I was holding tension in my body, and to work through releasing it.”

— Ebony Rose F.

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“Thoroughly enjoying this! I love how everything is either optional or was an invitation to do more/less with our body. I also was very aware of the trauma sensitive language, which is helpful and appreciated. Highly recommend this.”

— ShaTorey S.

“iya has been and will continue to be an incredible space to access the deepest parts of myself, with myself. Yoga hasn't always felt accessible to me because it always seems so centered on getting a result. The non performative and joyful approach to the rituals make me feel a deep connection with myself. Each practice brings me ease, inner peace and clarity when I need it most. They also energize me when I desire a pick-me-up. I highly recommend bringing iya well into your yoga practice. No matter where you are at on your yoga journey, iya will bring you home to yourself.”

— Lauren G.

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“Yoga has been a practice I’ve come back to over and over in my life and is such a beautiful place to relax, clear my head space, challenge myself and help with back pain. Biola’s program is one of peace and understanding and learning to listen to what my body needs at the moment. She creates a safe space for practice and encourages us to look at within ourselves for what we need. The soothing ambiance of her voice and practice takes us to a place of calm. The movements and poses she teaches in practice allow me to fully be present and open on my mat. I look forward to doing her program consistently!”

— Suzanne H.