Yoga for Starting Where You Are



Yoga for Starting Where You Are Includes

8 Videos
3 Hours, 53 Minutes of Video
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Abiola Akanni

Yoga for Starting Where You Are

This video series is for days when you’re desiring to create a state of calm. Learn to move through your body with little to no resistance. This yoga journey features introductory poses and at-home props to introduce effortlessness into your body and mind. Gentle holds and warming stretches guide you through the major centers of the body to restore breath elasticity, spinal stability and hip mobility. 8 practice videos represent a full journey through your body. Create your ritual by returning to your favorite practices again and again.


Practice 1 - Gentle Start with Breathwork

Add ease to your body first thing in the morning with this gentle crown yoga flow featuring long holds and meditative postures to calm the mind for what’s ahead. Therapeutic breathwork expands the diaphragm to improve your breathing.

Practice 2 - Locating Your Center with Core Activation

Boost your mood with this fluid core yoga practice designed to build heat gradually and activate your personal power all at the same time.

Practice 3 - Finding Support with Standing Postures

Release your inner critic while exploring your strength with this grounding yoga practice. We’ll use the support of a wall to stabilize the joints and help us stand confidently on and off the mat.

Practice 4 - Warming Flow with Ahimsa

Bring kindness to your thoughts during those stressful days with this 3rd eye activating yoga flow designed to help you move through your body with more self compassion.

Practice 5 - Getting Into the Hips

You’ll walk through your day with ease after practicing this yoga flow that gently stretches the hamstrings and mobilizes the hips to reconnect you to your sensuality.

Practice 6 - Heart Opening with Awareness

This yoga practice features supportive at-home props to help us open the heart and learn the power of expressing how we feel. Deep chest stretches lengthen the diaphragm to improve breath elasticity.

Practice 7 - Lengthening the Spine to Create Space

Side body stretches and gentle backbends lengthen and stabilize the spine to improve movement and everyday functions while cultivating a sense of security in your body.

Practice 8 - Calm Power Flow for Ease

This final flow guides you through all the energy centers we’ve opened in the previous practices. Gentle twists, side bends and strength poses weave through the body with ease to cultivate calm every day of the week. Your journey doesn’t end here, return to your favorite practices again, and again.