Body + Mind Renewal Yoga Journey



Body + Mind Renewal Yoga Journey Includes

8 Videos
1 Hour, 56 Minutes of Video
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Body + Mind Renewal Yoga Journey

Consider this 8-part Yoga Journey your daily reset when you’re looking to move slow and build subtle heat. Passive, yet deep holds are sprinkled throughout and call you inward, while soothing flows stretch the connective tissues weaving the muscles together for greater range of motion. It’s always a fresh start with this non-performative Yoga Journey.


Practice 1 - Grounding Yoga for Stability

Build a sense of stability and trust within your body with this root chakra flow. We'll start with floor-based balance postures to activate the belly, and work our way to increasing flexibility in the hips.

Practice 2 - Quiet Time Breath Meditation

Surrendering to our emotions isn't always easy, especially when we've been taught to avoid them. In this breath meditation we'll begin to unlearn those teachings, and explore our emotional body beyond attachment.

Practice 3 - Yin Yoga for Mental Clarity

In this Yin Yoga practice we'll target the connective tissues, including the ligaments, joints and fascial networks in the hips, hamstrings and low back. The long, deep holds draw us inward to uncover what's behind the sensation.

Practice 4 - Gentle Full Body Reset

This non-performative yoga practice features a low-to-the-ground flow for adaptability. Long holds and restorative breathing lull the body into a state of rest, stretching the low back, decompressing the bowels and opening the hips

Practice 5 - Body Positive Vinyasa Flow

This free-flow practice honors the body and all the ways that it wants to move. A creative mix of heart, hips and hamstring openers build heat from the top down and remind us of the allure of our body.

Practice 6 - Yin Yoga for Sacral Release

In this Yin Yoga practice we'll focus on long, deep holds to target the connective tissues in the lower half of the body. Our goal is to stimulate the 2nd or sacral chakra, located within the groin, where our creativity and sexual expression is housed.

Practice 7 - Heart Opening Yoga for Vulnerability & Ease

You are going to love this juicy, yet gentle heart opening, designed to help us explore vulnerability on and off our mats. Low-to-the-ground poses help decompress the shoulders and upper back to invite the heart open, while building just enough heat to avoid breaking a sweat.

Practice 8 - Receptivity Meditation

For days when we're feeling resistant and avoidant, this short meditation will remind us how to lift our judgements to flow in our receptive, divine feminine energy.